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All Things Cascadas

All Things Cascadas | March 2019

The Arroyo Silence Continues!

Thanks to a tremendous joint effort of our management team, the hotel association, and the local authorities, the arroyo silence continues. Last week the massage tents and several of the illegal food outlets within this area were shut down as well. It’s important to note your management team takes the peace, quiet and safety of our members and guests VERY SERIOUSLY. Viva Cascadas!


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January 2019

Hurray! Late Night Noise Stopped for Now

The noise coming from the arroyo at night has been stopped for now.  Special thanks to our on-site management team for the multi-faceted efforts to get the local and federal officials to take action. For the past two weeks, the arroyo has been closing every night at 9:00 pm! We just had one of the most pleasant weekends in a while, noise-free! The police tower is still here,

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