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All Things Cascadas December 2019

Happy Holidays

To all our members, families and guests. On behalf of our almost 250 staff members and our families, we wish you all the happiest of holidays. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, Chinese New Year, Christmas or any other celebration of faith and thankfulness, we wish you all the best along with good health, happiness and a safe return to your home in Cabo soon!


Association Owned Summer Weeks at Special Pricing

Weeks 31 – 39 (August & September) have historically had a much lower occupancy than the rest of the year. In the past, the developer paid the dues on these unused memberships. The restaurant was also owned by an outside company. Now that your association owns the ‘unsold memberships,’ and the restaurant, mini-market, spa and activity desk, having villas sit empty in summer doesn’t help anyone. A full resort keeps the onsite staff happy and generates revenue that goes right back into your operating budget and capital reserves.

To help find happy “homes way from home” for these unsold weeks, for a limited time, the Board of Directors has approved special pricing on all Association owned inventory during weeks 31 – 39 to our existing members and their guests. A Legacy membership in a one bedroom starts as low as $1500 plus tax and closing!

For complete details on pricing and villas available, please contact any of our helpful sales agents at, or 1 888 846 5571.

Our Very Own Grocery Delivery Service Update

On a previous edition of All Things Cascadas, it was announced that Club would now feature its own Grocery Delivery Service. We are happy to announce that this project is almost completed and the results from testing the new site have been successful. We are still working out the final details for you to be able to upload, and we will be implementing the new site shortly. You can send your request before you arrive, and we’ll have your villa stocked for your arrival. Need something extra during your stay?? Let us know and we’ll have it to you tomorrow. Easy, Dependable, Adds value. You can send any requests to

7 Days not enough?

If one week is not enough time, but two weeks in a row doesn’t work, Members can rent additional days (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and/or Wednesday) at discounted rates through the onsite sales office. Although you may need to change rooms on Thursday to move into your villa, our onsite staff will do everything possible to assist you with the move so that you can get back to vacationing! To check rates, availability or to make your reservation, contact Barbara Montgomery in the U.S office at 661 34 1309, or Gabriela onsite at 888 846 5571 or write to

Car Rental Discount for Members

Use the promo code PROM_8CASCADAS when booking your car rental through the Ten Car Rental website for special negotiated rate for our Cascadas family throughout the entire year. Pick your car up at the airport or at Club. No drop-off fees at the airport, great cars, reliable service, and affordable rates with all insurance and taxes included. Reserve online at or call toll free from the U.S. (877) 836-2271

Stay informed on Facebook

Even if you aren’t a ‘Facebooker’, you can enjoy our Cascadas videos that show current construction and happenings onsite. You do not need to be a Facebook subscriber to see them. Just scroll down to the bottom of any page on the Club’s website and click on the Facebook logo next to “Stay in Touch” to stay current with Club’s happenings and events.

Not a Member yet??… Listen Up

If you love Cascadas but you just haven’t become a member yet, this one’s for you… We are excited to announce the creation of a 3-Year Trial Program where you can secure your own villa for 3 years to give Cascadas an extended try before owning. You will have 3 years of great vacations and will be able to enjoy many of the benefits of membership. For complete details and available inventory, call the onsite sales office at 888-846-5571 or send a note to

Binz Binz Binz Storage

Over the years, several Members have asked about being able to leave or store things in Cabo to travel lighter and avoid paying baggage fees whenever they visit Club Cascadas. We are happy to report that we have met with a company the meets the requirements. Binz Binz Binz provides plastic containers which are stored in a secure temperature-controlled storage facility. Their bar-coding system allows for users to receive live notifications on the whereabouts of their containers and each one has its own lock and combination. Onsite management has met with their team and they have provided proof of insurance, proved themselves to be a reputable vendor, and have agreed to do a startup promotion for Cascadas members using a 2 for 1 promo code during their first year. The transactions are conducted through their easy-to-use website, some specialty items are also accepted such as fishing gear, golf clubs, or scuba equipment. We are happy to introduce this vendor for a service that recurrently comes up with members and we are proud to serve you.

Questions or Comments?

We value each and every member and guest. If you have a question or concern related to Club Cascadas or Cabo San Lucas, simply email and the right team member will get back to you with an answer.

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