Governing Documents

Certificate of Incorporation
Certifies incorporation of the Club Cascadas de Baja association and its legal existence.
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Bylaws detail how the association is operated, such as how the board of directors is determined, when meetings are to be held and how business should be conducted.
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Rules & Regulations
Specifically establish how reservations are processed and may include house rules for the property itself, as approved by your BODs.
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Financial Info

ABC Policy
Assessment Billing and Collection Policy is adopted by the BOD in accordance with the association documents to dictate the timing and structure of the billing process.
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An association budget is utilized to manage the association operating and reserve finances.
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Date Time Meeting Type Location
Tuesday, March 19, 2019 9:30 a.m. Board Meeting DoubleTree, Irvine – Orange County Airport
Friday, June 14, 2019 9:30 a.m. Board Meeting Wyndham, Irvine – Orange County Airport
Saturday, June 15, 2019 10:00 a.m. Board Meeting Wyndham, Irvine – Orange County Airport
Tuesday, October 1, 2019 9:30 a.m. Board Budget Meeting To Be Announced


Why would I buy a timeshare?
Securing your vacations makes good financial sense. You lock in the cost of tomorrow’s travel at today’s price. Buying a Fixed Time membership also assures you the villa you want at the time of year you like. And you can always trade your villa for a different time or location if you so choose.

Is buying a resale less expensive?
At some resorts, yes, because lots of unhappy owners want out. At Cascadas, we work hard to keep our members happy, and when life changes and they need to sell, we help members find a new buyer by offering resale inventory right alongside the unsold inventory. Pricing is the same. We offer every buyer the same incentives and discounts to purchase, and we can finance most any purchase with low down and low monthly payments.

With all the resorts available, why should I join Club Cascadas?
If you’ve stayed with us, you know why. If you haven’t stayed with us, we invite you to come down for a week. Experience our beautiful resort and friendly staff. Talk to other members. See for yourself Cascadas is an absolutely beautiful paradise.

Can I get pricing and availability details without sitting through a formal presentation?
Yes. Simply call us toll free at 1-888-846-5571, or send us an e-mail to and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. No pressure. No gimmicks.

How do we use our time?
There are lots of options. You can spend the time at your home resort; you can exchange your time to another resort; you can exchange your time for a different time at your home resort; or you can deposit it for use next year. Believe it or not, you can even use next year’s week this year.

What if we want to exchange for another week or another resort?
You need to contact Trading Places International and deposit your week with them. If you are going to another Trading Places resort, you can deposit your time with them at the same time you make your reservation.

Do we have to know which resort we want to exchange into at the time we deposit?
No. But the earlier you request a specific location, the more likely you are to get it.

Sometimes we can’t take a vacation and other times we can take more than one week. Is there anything we can do about that?
There sure is. Through TPI you can save this year’s week and use it next year along with that year’s week. Or, you can use next year’s week along with this year’s. Also, don’t forget you can often rent additional time at the resort where you’re staying. It’s a great way to extend your vacation. And, sometimes you can get better flight arrangements by traveling on a different day. If you do, just rent the additional time you need.

We have Fixed Time. Do we need to make a reservation?
No, not exactly. That is, you don’t need to make a reservation, but you must let Trading Places know of your vacation plans, whether you want to use your week or to exchange or rent it, as you’ll need a confirmation of this.

What if we can’t use our week at all? Can we carry it over to next year?
No. At least not without giving it to Trading Places first. They can accrue it for you and allow you to use it within the next two years.


Current Newsletter
Issue 1, 2019

Past Newsletters
Issue 2, 2018
Issue 1, 2018
Issue 2, 2017
Issue 1, 2017
Issue 2, 2016

Let us know…
…when you move, update your email address, change your phone number, change your marital status, or have any other significant change in your personal status. The most current contact information is necessary to keep you up to date with important notices, maintenance fee statement billings and general communications from your association. Keeping us informed of your current address helps save substantial monies on postage of returned mail, thus helping to keep your maintenance fees low.

Call us at 800-365-7601, ext 1, or complete this form so we may update our database. (Note: including your current home address will help us locate your account): click here.

Board Information

Name Term Expiration
President Mark Giddings 2021
VP/Treasurer Larry Greenberg 2021
Secretary Richard Bort 2021
Director Glen Brush 2020
Director Marty Russell 2020
Special Advisors
Patricia Giddings
David Giddings
Advisory Committee
Chairperson Mark Gross
Erick Malm
Earl Asbury
David Belanich
Kim Walton

Annual Meeting Reports

Change of Address

Please complete change of address form

Fill out my online form.

Use Time Calendar

Please click here to view the Thursday check-in dates for 2019 to 2021.

Important Contact Info

Owner Services –  800-365-7601 Ext. 1  |
Confirm owner use plans, assessment payments, ownership assistance

Accounting –  800-365-7601 Ext. 7  |
Billing inquiries

Ownership Transfers –  800-365-7601 Ext. 7  |
Online information regarding ownership transfers

Online Payments  |
Pay assessments online

Change Contact Information Online  |
Update your address, phone number, email, and more online

Front Desk |
Early check-in, late arrivals.

Concierge |
Activities, tours, car rental, transportation

Sales Office |
Rentals, bonus weeks, sales

Grocery Delivery Service |
Prearrival service

Members’ Questions |
Questions, suggestions, restaurant reservations


Trading Places International

Exchange | 800-365-7601 Ext. 3 –
No mandatory membership fees!
Deposit and exchange with a TPI vacation specialist on the phone or online 24/7

Rentals | 800-365-7601 Ext. 4 –
Low nightly & weekly rates in fabulous locations!
List your Use Week for rent, extend your stay, rent at a different TPI property

Travel & Cruise | 800-365-7601 Ext. 6 –
Offering dream vacations… since 1973!
Speak with a travel or cruise sepcialist or go online to book your dream vacation


Have you moved, changed your contact information, changed your marital status or had any other significant change in your personal status? Use the following document to assist with any of the following regarding your ownership:

  • Change a name(s)
  • Add or remove a name
  • Transfer to a family member or trust
  • Sell your timeshare to a new member
  • Retrieve contact information for your Recording Office
  • And more

Click Here to download and print the reference sheet for your records.
Click Here for the Notification of Sale and Estoppel Form.
Sale of Membership Information

Guest Check-in

Ensure a smooth check-in for your guests!

If you are authorizing a guest to use your reservation, don’t forget to notify Trading Places. Call 800-365-7601 ext 1, or email with your guests’ name and other information. It is important to secure a written confirmation with your guests’ name on it, which they must present upon check-in at the resort.

Maintenance Fee Schedule

Due Date:
Payment is due on or before January 1, 2019.
A discount applies to cash/check payments received by due date.

Unit Type 2019 Unit Assessment 2019 Unit Discount 2019 Assessment with Discount
Bahia A & B $1,016.00 $30.00 $986.00
Cascadas (1Bdrm) $705.00 $21.00 $684.00
Cascadas (2Bdrm) $1,052.00 $32.00 $1,020.00
Catalina $1,466.00 $44.00 $1,422.00
Concepcion $747.00 $22.00 $725.00
Cortez $1,311.00 $39.00 $1,272.00
El Arco $1,557.00 $47.00 $1,510.00
Escondido $1,155.00 $35.00 $1,120.00
Escondido-J $1,329.00 $40.00 $1,289.00
Estrella A & B $2,402.00 $72.00 $2,330.00
Luna $2,516.00 $75.00 $2,441.00
Magdalena $1,333.00 $40.00 $1,293.00
Malaga $897.00 $27.00 $870.00
Margarita $1,301.00 $39.00 $1,262.00
Perla $1,796.00 $54.00 $1,742.00
Perlita $635.00 $19.00 $616.00
Perlita-J $718.00 $22.00 $696.00
Porfin A & B $1,300.00 $39.00 $1,261.00
Rey $5,276.00 $158.00 $5,118.00
Sol $3,223.00 $97.00 $3,126.00
Tortuga $1,207.00 $36.00 $1,171.00

To Submit a Payment by:

Club Cascadas de Baja
PO Box 30417
Los Angeles, CA 90030-0417

Credit Card:
To pay online: click here
Or call 800-365-7601 ext. 1
Discount does not apply to credit card payments.